Thursday, January 31, 2008

EPL 2/2/2008 - Reading vs Bolton

As we continue to have to watch one of the dirtiest and ugliest football team in the English Premier League at the moment in this live commentary and play by play game featuring Reading and that team Bolton Wanderers, you wonder if Gary Megson can continue to drag the team down in a marriage made in heaven. A money grubber of a manager and a football team devoid of any pretty football played in their ground ever since Sam Allardyce came onboard. That should have changed when they got players like Nicolas Anelka on board but unfortunately it is more about a system than football at Bolton and you cannot blame them either since survival had to be the priority and not spectacle. But if you looked at the players they had to offer it would have been a shock as quite a number of them could play on the ground and not just jumping around like jack rabbits trying to put head to ball instead of feet to ball. Still, you could not argue too much against the system since it provided results until Allardyce decided that money from being a manager was not enough and that transfer bungs might have been more attractive.

Reading on the other hand might have even more to prove in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match in the English Premier League against Bolton Wanderers. Both are struggling against relegation and you would sincerely hope that Reading would stay while Bolton should return to the lower divisions. Reading plays nice decent football on the ground and always try to score more than the one goal that Bolton prefers. However Steve Coppell has struggled with the remaining band of players he had left after a few of them decided that money was more important and took off to other clubs where most of them are struggling now anyway. Coppell is sticking to his guns and insisting that his team stick to the basics and while the footballing neutral would hope that they can stay in the English Premier League, it might seem hard to do so given that they have not brought in any great players during this transfer window and do not seem to be improving that much either recently.

You would expect a tough Reading win in this live commentary and TV telecast English Premier League soccer match featuring two strugglers Reading and Bolton but it might not be as simple and straightforward as that. Bolton continue to be tough to break down and beat but the advantage playing against them is that they do not score that many either and now with Anelka gone they might struggle to put away the few chances they create in each game. Reading can score as proven by their high scoring feasts against other teams, but it is a question of whether they know how to stop opponents from scoring and they must try to do that if they hope to take anything away from this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer game in the English Premier League match against Bolton at home.

EPL 2/2/2008 - Portsmouth vs Chelsea

As previously predicted in another live commentary and play by play soccer match in the English Premier League, Portsmouth did not have too much of a hope and not too many chances either against Manchester United, and this match against Chelsea in the English Premier League might also seem to indicate the same but the difference is that Portsmouth are playing at home in this game on Saturday and at home they are a different proposition, taking the game to opponents and making them sweat. But they have had problems at home this season and have had trouble scoring and having sold the only scorer they have had recently at home to Manchester City, they had better hope that new acquisitions such as Milan Baros and Jermaine Defoe would find their scoring boots early and soon otherwise it would be another smash and grab operation by the greatest practitioners of such a footballing style, Chelsea.

Chelsea come into this game on the back of another win and another one that best illustrate their abilities - grinding their way to victory when they do not play well or pretty even in live commentary and radio broadcast soccer games in the English Premier League. Despite Mourinho having long left, Avram Grant is another smart Israeli who has kept things pretty much the same and you wonder why Roman Abramovich does not complain about boring soccer with Grant when they pretty much play the same way as when Mourinho was around. It is clear that either Grant has a real hold over the Russian billionaire or Roman just wanted to get rid of Mourinho. That is the failing of Mourinho, always a great coach but too much of his own man and he will never stay too long at any club at this rate, but if you want to win things for a few years, get him and tolerate him for that period of time. But that is another story for another time as Grant continues to bring Chelsea forward and strangely enough they are staying under the radar and Manchester United and Arsenal grab most of the headlines. But if Chelsea can continue to win and chip away they might actually be the last ones standing we shall see when their African stars return from the African Nations Cup.

This might be a tough match to call in this live commentary and TV telecast soccer match between Portsmouth at home in the English Premier League against the ultimate scrappers Chelsea and the safest result to go with might be the draw but it is hard to see past a win for Chelsea as they might put the squeeze on Portsmouth and prevent them from scoring again at their own home ground. Milan Baros and Jermaine Defoe might also need some time to adjust to their new teammates and find their scoring boots and having their first game against defensive powerhouses Chelsea might not be the very best preparation for that. Expect little goals and even less action in this live commentary and radio broadcast English Premier League match between Portsmouth and Chelsea.

EPL 2/2/2008 - Blackburn Rovers vs Everton

This live commentary and play by play soccer match in the English Premier League pits two of the most bruising sides in the league between Blackburn Rovers and Everton. Everton has always had the image of a rough and tumble team ever since they branded themselves the Dogs of War many seasons ago, a far cry from their previous incarnation as a decent footballing side that more than gave Liverpool a run for their money during the '80s when Liverpool still ruled the English game which in itself is now a far cry from being a laughing stock of the English Premier League. Everton has since then deployed battling and hard midfielders as a core of their side, forgoing flowing football but Moyes has altered that a little by introducing players like Mikael Arteta who has a great flair but still not quite there yet as being a player who can change many games. They will still be missing Yakubu who remains their only player who can put away chances unlike that flash in the pan Andrew Johnson who can run for sure but cannot score for the life of his mama.

Blackburn Rovers on the other hand has also evolved from their early days with Kenny Dalglish when they mixed hard tackles with flowing football and the scoring exploits of Alan Shearer in early live commentary and radio broadcast soccer games involving Blackburn Rovers in the English Premier League. They are still hard and can break a few legs if you are not careful, even without Robbie Savage in the team any more, but they still struggle to put any display of football on for the soccer purists, despite manager Mark Hughes insistence that they play just like Manchester United and speedy wingers on either flank. They rely more on attrition and making sure teams cannot get further than the midfield or due to broken legs. This can be expected from a team that does not have any real pace and rely largely on David Bentley for creating a few chances. But Mark Hughes has always bought well and hardly any of his transfer buys can be said to not have done well or fitted into his tactics or strategy they always seem to do so.

This is a hard game to call in this live commentary and TV telecast game in the English Premier League involving Blackburn Rovers at home and their guests Everton. It will come down to a war of attrition and when you have two teams that play as hard and running around like headless chickens half the time, you cannot expect too many goals either or too many chances. You can easily expect a nil all draw or a low scoring draw but what you can be sure of is that eight out of ten times this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer game between Blackburn Rovers and Everton in the English Premier League will end in a draw and a point for both sides.

EPL 2/2/2008 - Birmingham vs Derby

After sinking to a low of losing to a previously rubbish Sunderland, Birmingham now has to pick themselves up from that defeat and rise to the occasion in this live commentary and play by play soccer match in the English Premier League against bottom club Derby and hope they do not suffer the ignominy of a consecutive defeat to a fellow relegation rival and the worst club in the division. But they are facing Derby who got back some measure of pride after losing to Preston in the FA Cup by getting a deserved draw against Manchester City at home and they might even have won if they had better more established striker. But that was at home and now they travel to Birmingham who does have a formidable home record against the rest of the English Premier League other than the top teams, and if Alex McLeish wanted to cement his position as a rising soccer manager, this would be the time to do so, otherwise he would only be known as someone who could do well with Scottish teams and nowhere else.

I previously mentioned that Derby might be a better team now with Robbie Savage and several other more established and experienced players except for the lack of pace and Paul Jewell can be already an inspirational coach but it would take time and they might have to return to the Championship to grow as a team as Jewell slowly forms his own team. But they still have to put up a fight to try to stay in the English Premier League but they can only realistically hope for good results at home and in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match against Birmingham, they cannot hope for too much perhaps maybe just to score a goal to lift their spirits and belief that they can do some damage at this level which is at the very minimum to score some goals, even though Birmingham are a tough side to break down and will not give too many goals away in any game.

You cannot expect anything other than a home win for Birmingham in this live commentary and TV telecast game in the English Premier League simply because they are facing Derby and anyone who loses to Derby do not deserve to stay in the top tier at this moment in time until Derby prove themselves to be world beaters which is a long way yet. However, you also cannot expect too many goals in this game as Birmingham quite honestly do not score or even create many and even when they do score, they sneak back into their defensive shell which is a sure sign of a club desperate to avoid relegation and short of confidence. Unfortunately it seems like Alex McLeish's appointment has not done much but the guy has ability so give him some time although hopefully he does not take too much time and face a defeat against Derby in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer game in the English Premier League.

EPL 2/2/2008 - Manchester City vs Arsenal

This exciting live commentary and play by play game between two English Premier League sides Manchester City and Arsenal could see some great attacking soccer being played as one team already has a bright array of attacking talents while the other one who is at home has started to garner a reputation for collecting strikers after adding Jermain Defoe and another young South American to their forward line in an attempt to take advantage of their bright forward play. This is due to their previously impotent forwards which they still have like someone known as Darius Vassell ex England international wow. Maybe Sven could reinvent him into a winger opposite of what happened with Thierry Henry who used to ply his trade for Manchester City's opponents today, Arsenal. Unfortunately if Vassell had half the brain of Henry it might have allowed him to stay with England for much longer than the few games he played under... Sven!

Arsenal on the other hand continue to try to plod on one minute they are brilliant in a live commentary and radio broadcast game against Newcastle, the next minute they are horrible against their bitter North London rivals Spurs. While beating Newcastle is not the best gauge of your abilities, but it helps to boost morale and in this tough battle against Manchester United and Chelsea for the English Premier League title, any win helps. Arsenal's top African beanpole striker Adebayour continues to impress and he seems to be the only one who has not lost any form, other than Frenchman Matthieu Flamini who is a real dynamo and even Arsene Wenger has praised his fellow countryman for having developed assurance on the final ball. While Fabregas and the others have struggled against fluctuating form and fitness, Flamini has proven to be a real water carrier who might become the next Didier Deschamps.

So the expectations are full of flowing beautiful soccer that would make the beautiful game proud to flaunt its stuff on the English Premier League stage in this live commentary and TV telecast game on Saturday between Manchester City and Arsenal. But the question remains as to who would walk away with the points. It might be a share of the spoils, or Arsenal might once again win to keep up the pressure on Manchester United. But it would most probably be the Manchester City Sven's boys squeezing out an upset win in their now own formidable home fortress and consign Arsenal to a morale sapping defeat in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match in the English Premier League match between Manchester City and Arsenal.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EPL 30/1/2008 - Manchester United vs Portsmouth

For all of Portsmouth's delightful soccer and Harry Redknapp's shrewd management skills, quite frankly, Manchester United should absolutely crush them in this live commentary and play by play soccer match in the English Premier League between Manchester United and Portsmouth at Old Trafford. This will come just after the FA Cup draw that will pit Arsenal against Manchester United and Arsene Wenger said Manchester United will falter in the English Premier League chase due to tiredness from their crazy trip to Saudi Arabia for one million pounds. Ferguson will use that to drive his team onwards and while they might be tired, Manchester United players are monsters as they continue to play as though they are on performance enhancing drugs but most probably because they are naturally gifted and fit athletes. You will not expect anything less from Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney as they should be able to score three or four goals easily against a good but not great Portsmouth team.

Portsmouth should see new signing Milan Baros make his debut but he has to be realistic and not hope to get too many chances at the ball in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match against Manchester United. Sol Campbell will also be back and that should be some sort of relief for Harry Redknapp as he seeks to avoid a hiding but Campbell is old and while he might do well against lesser teams he will be burned for pace by Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez. I would not give Portsmouth too much hope in this but they have been known to score a few goals themselves away from home.

So expect another hatload of goals in this live commentary and TV telecast game in the English Premier League as Manchester United might rack up the score as Harry Redknapp has been known to be very generous to Manchester United teams after West Ham when he held a jinx over Ferguson but it has since long gone. If Portsmouth comes away with anything from this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match in the English Premier League against Manchester United, it would be an absolute shocker and might well truly point to a collapse from the English giants from Old Trafford.

EPL 30/1/2008 - Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur

Everton will suffer greatly in this live commentary and play by play soccer match in the English Premier League against fast rising team Tottenham Hotspur as they will be without many of their regulars and now even key player Australian Tim Cahill will be missing and David Moyes struggles to field a full team. Gravesen is also out and Leon Osman might be too, so that means most of Everton's tigerish midfield dynamo engine will be gone and that is about as good as the beginning of the end for Everton. In fact, this could signal the end of Everton's season as they are known to crumble after getting to a peak each season, and that peak could surely have been the first leg Carling Cup semi final against Chelsea in which they played well but lost 2-1 and then went on to surrender meekly to Chelsea again at home 1-0 in the second leg. While they are now left to chase for the fourth Champions League slot in the EPL, and sit in prime position, it might be safe to say they won't be there much longer and tonight will see the first of a long beaten run from the Evertonians.

Why that would be is also because of their opponent tonight Tottenham Hotspur who are hot and are only losing to Manchester United nowadays and are they benefitting from Juande Ramos' magic touch in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match? Ramos brought Sevilla to the forefront of Spanish soccer and look how they are faltering now without him. He has brought fitness and discipline to a troubled Spurs side and if they can get rid of the money grubber Pascal Chimbounda, they should have a great side raring to do even more in the English Premier League. This season might have come too soon for Ramos, with the Carling Cup their best bet for some honours, but they might challenge for Champions League qualification next season. But with Woodgate in their side, that might be a problem because if you depend too much on that moneygrubber you will get into trouble as he will get injured at crucial times and miss out for long periods.

This live commentary and TV telecast English Premier League soccer match between Everton and Tottenham Hotspur should see many goals, as Everton will miss their strong regulars and so defensively might be open to attack by Spurs and Spurs will continue to pour forward in a manner only Ramos knows. In fact, if Newcastle wanted a real attacking football messiah they should have signed Ramos as manager not that false prophet Kevin Keegan. Therefore expect many goals in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match and nothing else, and perhaps an overwhelming Spurs victory.

EPL 30/1/2008 - West Ham vs Liverpool

The media focus and hype continue to be on the English club in crisis Liverpool in this live commentary and play by play soccer match in the English Premier League between home team West Ham and Liverpool. Much has been said about the debacle against Havant and Waterlooville and how Liverpool struggled to beat a non-league side even at Anfield but they fail to mention that most of the Liverpool core side that most people are familiar were not playing and Benitez fielded a disjointed team and shape that has hardly ever played together and you can honestly only depend on first teamers to be able to do well in rotational systems and in such a high profile match against the non leaguers the second stringers are likely to break under pressure but on the other hand if they want to play for Liverpool they should be able to cope with that kind of pressure. They are unlikely to get a look in in this crucial English Premier League match against West Ham and guys like Steven Gerrard, Alonso, and Torres should be back as Liverpool try to get some much needed reprieve and result against West Ham.

However, they are unlikely to get much help in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match from a tigerish West Ham side that are no pushovers at home. They have beaten the likes of Manchester United at home even with Ronaldo in the side so you know you can no longer take them lightly, even if they have the impotent Alan Curbishley at the helm. While I do not think too much of Curbishley as a manager, but he has shown he can avoid relegation with clubs he has managed so he still has some use before West Ham owners can find a better manager who wouldn't mind helming a little known team like West Ham. Face it West Ham fans your club is little known because it is the 2000's now no longer the 70s or 60s and even then it was known more for your hooligans. But I got to hand it to West Ham, they will step right into Liverpool players' faces today and give no quarter.

While Liverpool's top players are back for this live commentary and TV telecast soccer match in the English Premier League against West Ham, it is unlikely they are going to get any reprieve and relief from their recent crisis and get any result from this game. Liverpool's players have continued to be weak mentally in the English Premier League as they only rise to occasions in the Champions League. Get ready for another 'upset' in this game as West Ham will trample all over Liverpool in this live commentary and radio broadcast English Premier League soccer match and push Liverpool further away from the Champions League slot and into financial ruin.

EPL 30/1/2008 - Chelsea vs Reading

It's all systems go for Chelsea in this live commentary and play by play soccer match in the English Premier League between Chelsea and Reading at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea are still right in the hunt for the English Premier League title and while most of the attention has been on the battle between Arsenal and Manchester United, everyone would do well not to forget about the Blues as they have been chomping right at the coattails of both clubs above them and should either of them slip up, Chelsea would be ready to pounce and overtake them. In fact, other than Manchester United, Chelsea has been the most consistent English club in the EPL and they have strung together unbeaten run upon unbeaten run when it mattered most. And they do this even without most of their key players and perhaps those key players should start to sweat a little given that they have been shown to be Touchable.

While all the controversy surrounding the departure of Mourinho has actually helped unite Chelsea's players even more and given them impetus to break Manchester United's temporary stranglehold on the EPL title, the same cannot be said about Reading in this live commentary and radio broadcast game which they really need to get some result from as they continue to struggle to get away from a relegation battle they can ill afford to lose. While Reading surprised and delighted many at the same time last season, this season they have suffered horribly at the sophomore jinx and perhaps the expectations were raised too high and the team, manager and fans are all suffering for it at the same time. But they should trust Steve Coppell who has shown himself to be a decent manager and hopefully he can continue to keep Reading in the EPL and show us the nice football they are capable of despite having quite a bruiser in Stephen Hunt, who continues to try his best at impersonating Robbie Savage.

Chelsea should not have too many problems in this live commentary and TV telecast soccer match in the English Premier League against Reading. Nothing less can be expected other than a win and while they might show their customary struggle to scrap to it, they should still be able to overcome a plucky Reading side and collect another three points to inch closer to Manchester United and Arsenal who are both prime to suffer blips in form. We do not expect too many goals in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match between Chelsea and Reading, but it can hard to call especially with Chelsea involved, but there should be enough action to keep the fan awake.

Monday, January 28, 2008

EPL 29/1/2008 - Derby vs Manchester City

This live commentary and play by play soccer game in the English Premier League between struggling Derby and high flying Manchester City looks to be a walkover for a Manchester City team eager to make up for their FA Cup debacle over the weekend by pummelling a shell shocked Rams and gaining a better foothold in the race for the fourth Champions League slot. However, Derby are at home in this game, and after sinking to the depths against Preston North End, it might seem difficult to sink any further, so perhaps the only way they can go is up and they might just pull off an upset tonight against Manchester City. Do not forget that Paul Jewell's signing have not had the time to play together much yet competitively so Preston might have taken advantage of that at the right time. With players like Robbie Savage, it would be time soon when things turn around and that could start with this game against Manchester City.

Manchester City on the other hand is still smarting from losing because of their own balloons left lying around on the pitch and as a result were on the wrong end of a shock FA Cup upset at the hands of a Bryan Robson team Sheffield United. That alone is quite an achievement in itself. On top of that they are playing away not at home, away from the comfort of their own stadium they are not that good. However, they do have the weapons to tear Derby apart with Elano and that Bulgarian winger so this live commentary and radio broadcast game might still turn out to be a total blowout with Derby losing by five or six goals.

However, we do see some signs of an upset and Derby might just sneak this, or Manchester City struggle to a goal win. But we do fancy our chances of an upset Derby win in this live commentary and radio broadcast English Premier League soccer game between Derby and Manchester City and perhaps a wonder goal from Robbie Savage to put his new team into the heavens with joy and delight. Or there might actually be many goals in this live commentary soccer match so an enjoyable match nonetheless to look forward to.

EPL 29/1/2008 - Sunderland vs Birmingham

Now this live commentary and play by play soccer match between English Premier League sides Sunderland and Birmingham actually looks more like a Championship soccer match on paper both sides are not good footballing teams and cannot string more than two passes together at any one time and if you like scrappy football then this is the game for you. Sunderland continues to purchase from Manchester United with Roy Keane thinking that Manchester United's reserves are good enough to beat the rest of the English Premier League but he has got to realise that most of them do not even get to play for Manchester United as substitutes with any regularity so they obviously cannot make the grade and Ferguson knows better as to who are good and after their acrimonious split you might suspect that Ferguson might be trying to do his former protege in by recommending a few dodgy players as shown by selling Kieran Richardson. Everybody knows the Jermain Pennant lookalike plays the same way as well without using any brains and so often a headless chicken but at least he scores a few goals unlike most of the rest of the Sunderland team.

Birmingham on the hand I have a slightly softer spot for since Alex McLeish took over but it would still be welcomed if they drop down a division following this live commentary and radio broadcast game against Sunderland as they would probably have to rely on defensive bruising soccer after a while when they realise they cannot play themselves out of trouble and McLeish knows his way through that from his days in Scotland and as Scotland manager.

This points to another typical draw in this live commentary and radio broadcast English Premier League soccer game between Sunderland and Birmingham as both teams are fighting for survival and I doubt either would take any risks but if they do, Birmingham looks to be the one team that are better at that as they have the ability to create a few chances while Sunderland is just a terrible terrible team although with Roy Keane's famed motivational skills he might just be able to carry the team to an inspiring win tonight in this live commentary and radio broadcast EPL game against Birmingham.

EPL 29/1/2008 - Bolton vs Fulham

We are still waiting to see Gary Megson take flight and leave Bolton when another big money move arrives but it probably would not happen until he has brought Bolton down to the Championship and that might continue to happen in this live commentary and play by play soccer match in the English Premier League against Fulham. Unfortunately, this match is against Fulham who look set to join them in the Championship as well as Hodgson obviously is not going anywhere as well with his tactical genius and the club has continued to lose game after game despite the man coming in and wasting some more of the owner's money. But the balance of the game lies in Gary Megson's favour as he still has more or less the nucleus of Sam Allardyce's squad with him and if he can get them to have some professional pride then they probably can return to playing dirty and rough and win some games and avoid relegation.

You cannot say the same thing about Fulham. One of the players mentioned about going back to playing proper football when Hodgson arrived to replace the previous manager whose name no one can remember anyway, and the next thing you know Hodgson has them stringing 9 men across goal to try to stop conceding 5 goals a game in every live commentary and radio broadcast game instead of trying to score a few to avoid losing, but he is more interested in not losing by more than 2 goals a game to get the club in shape. That is the philosophy of Roy Hodgson as a soccer manager so Fulham should not expect too much and they might be ready to drop down a division if they are not careful.

Still, the one saving grace that Fulham has is Jimmy Bullard and he might start his first game since his horrific injury and help guide the team to their first English Premier League win in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match for ages if everything goes well. But the more obvious result would be for Bolton to bully their way to a win but Fulham might just surprise since Bullard is back and I like their chances in this game. The best possible spin would be a low scoring draw in this live commentary and radio broadcast English Premier League soccer match but we shall see what happens between Bolton and Fulham tonight.

EPL 29/1/2008 - Middlesbrough vs Wigan

Woodgate is gone, Downing will be the next. You wonder what will happen next to Middlesbrough in this live commentary and play by play soccer match between the two English Premier League teams in Boro and Wigan. Both are fighting relegation worries as usual every season in the EPL, but Middlesbrough appears to be losing players at a rate that Derby is procuring (but still losing) and key players to boot. Would this spell relegation and more trouble ahead for the team under Gareth Southgate? It might not be so, as Southgate seems to have made some judgement on whether his team has enough capable replacements before allowing the transfers to go ahead. He also believes that players like Robert Huth and Pogatetz have enough quality to keep Boro up and since he has been touted as possible England coach in the future, who can doubt him?

Wigan on the other hand might still be smarting from the live commentary and radio broadcast FA Cup match over the weekend when they lost in unfortunate circumstances to Chelsea. Chelsea were not much better than Wigan, but alas Wigan does not have a Nicolas Anelka they only have an Emile Heskey not exactly your idea of a world class striker even if he has played for England (and maybe scored the one goal) and when your team is coached by Steve Bruce you do not expect too many goal scoring chances so any chance you get you have to score. But Heskey needs 10 chances to score half a goal, and that is one reason why they lost to Chelsea and are still facing a relegation battle.

It is hard to see beyond a draw in this live commentary and TV telecast soccer match in the English Premier League between Middlesbrough and Wigan. However, with Middlesbrough at home, and knowing they have to step up to beat the average and lesser teams in the EPL to have a more comfortable ride to the end of the season, Wigan might face a barrage of attacks on their goal. So while it is hard to see Wigan getting anything from this game, it is easier to see Middlesbrough walking away with all three points in this English Premier League live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match.

EPL 29/1/2008 - Arsenal vs Newcastle

In this midweek English Premier League live commentary and play by play soccer match between Arsenal and Newcastle at the Emirates Stadium, it will be the second encounter between the two teams within a matter of days as they played each other over the weekend in the FA Cup, in which Arsenal triumphed and coasted to an easy 3-0 victory with in-form striker Adebayour scoring two goals and setting up another. Kevin Keegan's second coming as the Newcastle messiah looks set to be totally flat as he struggles to cope with a side devoid of quality and with mediocrity the byword as a result of Sam Allardyce's questionable transfer buys. Arsenal are still without many of their key players but whichever team they choose to field tonight, it should still have the main lynchpins of Fabregas and Almunia and they should still not have too many problems with Newcastle.

Newcastle on the other hand are desperate enough to consider playing Joey Barton after being allowed out on bail but even then it hardly looks as if the enfant terrible will make any difference to Kevin Keegan's side in this crucial English Premier League live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match. In fact, it might be a crunch match already for Keegan in just his second EPL match in charge - if Newcastle loses again, the reality will set in and the fans should start to realise however much you wish to watch beautiful attacking soccer, if the team you have is rubbish, you will get rubbish. While some of the blame would have to be laid at Allardyce's feet, much of the fault also goes to the Newcastle regime which have allowed too many mediocre players to be bought and rot in the club. As a result, it would be a good result at the end of the season if Keegan were to bring the team away from relegation troubles. Remember, Kevin Keegan did not do that well at Manchester City anyway.

We expect some more goals in this English Premier League live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match between Arsenal and Newcastle. While a live TV telecast might be in order, the consolation is the thought that Arsenal should romp to another fine victory and apply continued pressure on Manchester United, or face the thought of the Red Devils running away with the English Premier League title again. An Arsenal victory in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match no less.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

FA Cup 27/1/2008 - Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur Match Highlights

So Tottenham Hotspur went away with a 3-1 loss against Manchester United in the FA Cup but they more than matched the Red Devils and you would be lying if you said that Manchester United were far superior in fact if not for Jenas missing that golden chance when the score was 1-1, Spurs might have gone on to win it or get a decent result from this FA Cup game. 3-1 was a flattering scoreline to Manchester United but at the end of the day they won so that is all that matters. Enjoy the highlights.

Spanish Primera Liga 27/1/2008 - Real Madrid vs Villareal Match Highlights

Now Real Madrid is really coasting to the Spanish Primera title this season but they are doing it with some adventure and fun, scoring many but conceding just as many. But who cares when you have enough firepower to overwhelm all your league opponents right? You would have thought that this 3-2 win over Villareal should have made Schuster a hero but apparently even by delivering scintillating soccer, the Real Madrid management still aren't happy and want to replace him. First they got rid of Capello because he was too boring for them, now they want Schuster out because they're scoring too many goals. What funny people the Madristas are. Maybe they are still living in ancient times. Anyway, enjoy the rare highlights and many goals:

African Nations Cup 27/1/2008 - South Africa vs Tunisia Match Highlights

After an amazing African Nations Cup match between South Africa and Tunisia, it looks like Tunisia has risen to the challenge again in the competition and this time they have sent the young South African team packing with a thumping 3-1 win. With this, the Tunisian team only needs one more point from their remaining match to qualify for the quarter finals and this must be exciting times ahead for Tunisia in the African Nations Cup. Here are some highlights of the match against South Africa.

FA Cup 27/1/2008 - Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

This will be an amazing live commentary and play by play soccer match between two English Premier League giants on a roll when Manchester United hosts Carling Cup finalist Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford in this monumentous English FA Cup clash. Manchester United as everyone already knows is on a roll by brushing aside practically every side that stands in their path on the way to another English Premier League title, even when they do not play well they have the magical feet of Ronaldo, Tevez and the brutish bullying of Rooney to bring them results, at times even when Rio Ferdinand messes up as usual. Ferguson their bully of a manager is also up to his old tricks of mentally crushing his opponents before each match, and has also grown to be a really bad loser even at his age and having been bestowed a sir to his name by the Queen of England he still shows vulgar signs to fans. You would have thought with his time and age in the game it would not affect him. Still, the Manchester United juggernaut rolls on and you would not expect any team, even Arsenal and Chelsea, to be able to stop them.

Tottenham Hotspur, however, seem to be on a real revival under Juane Ramos with recent results they have even thrashed a brilliant Arsenal team this past midweek in the Carling Cup semi final and they will be raring to go again in this live commentary and radio broadcast FA Cup match at Old Trafford. Ramos has brought a new level of fitness, dedication and discipline to the unbridled attacking talents he has in the Spurs team, and molded a strong fighting unit despite publicly making known his intentions to let go of many players. One player that should not be in the team any longer would be Pascal Chimbounda the money grubber who told friends that he was only in it for the money and wanted to move to Newcastle even though he could get to play in the Carling Cup final and win a medal. If I were Kevin Keegan, I would not sign him.

Despite having a good run and probably fielding his best team, I would not expect Juande Ramos to be able to get a result out of this live commentary and radio broadcast FA Cup match against Manchester United. They might score a few goals against a weak Manchester United backline where if Vidic does not play you might expect it to become leaky but we will never know what kind of team Ferguson would field in cup competitions outside of the Champions League. Regardless, it should be another win for Manchester United in this live commentary and TV telecast FA Cup soccer match against Tottenham Hotspur but despite this, Spurs should walk away with their heads held high for what they have managed to overcome this season.

FA Cup 27/1/2008 - Sheffield United vs Manchester City

This live commentary and radio broadcast FA Cup match will feature Bryan Robson's Sheffield United trying to score an upset win at home against English Premier League high flyers Manchester City. Normally you would not associate the term high flyer with Manchester City, but this season they have stunned many with Sven Goran Eriksson carrying his new troops to the forefront and even scoring upset wins over illustrious rivals like Manchester United. They have been a force to be reckoned with especially at home, where most teams struggle to even get a point off Manchester City. Sven's shrewd transfers have contributed largely to this, with good buys such as Elano and Petrov who cost so much cheaper than most of Benitez's costly flops but perform way better and at a higher level.

With Bryan Robson, Sheffield United continues to exist in mediocrity and they should not have expected anything more with such a manager in charge and especially not too much from this live commentary and TV telecast FA Cup match between them and Manchester City. Bryan Robson has never shown himself to be a good manager except for a short time with Middlesbrough when money more or less compensated for his weak managerial skills. He was a great captain as a player, but strangely as a manager he has not been able to inspire many of his teams. Perhaps he has grown too big for his shoes, and has never educated himself properly on good tactics. He has also dabbled in lame transfers, and with Sheffield United without a brand name in club football, he cannot expect to achieve more. Sheffield United recently even lost to Sheffield Wednesday and that is a sign of mediocrity.

It is therefore a sign of things to come when we predict that Manchester City should overcome their away hoodoo and score a good win over Sheffield United in this live commentary and radio broadcast FA Cup soccer match. Bryan Robson has no motivational skills and even worse tactical skills, while Sven has actually shown to be quite a motivator after lifting a previously weak Manchester City team to lofty heights in the English Premier League. Therefore, anything other than a comfortable win in this live commentary and radio broadcast FA Cup soccer match will be expected from Manchester City against Sheffield United tonight.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

FA Cup 26/1/2008 - Liverpool vs Havant and Waterlooville Match Highlights

Here are some highlights of the incredible FA Cup match between Liverpool and Havant and Waterlooville in which the giants Liverpool struggled to overcome the non-league side before emerging triumphiant with a 5-2 win courtesy of a Youssi Benayoun hattrick but with little else to cheer about. Benitez continues to stick to his rotational system which works only in other European leagues but not in the English Premier League nor any English competitions. The feeling is that he does not really care for much anymore and is waiting to walk away from the club, after having been undermined by Tom Hicks the terrible Yank and the person looking to destroy Liverpool with his antics.

SPL 26/1/2008 - Rangers vs St Mirren Highlights

Here are some highlights and details about the Scottish Premier League soccer match between Scottish giant Rangers and minnows St Mirrent yesterday. Rangers won handsomely 4-0, thrashing St Mirren and scoring a few great goals on the way to a fantastic 7 point cushion over Celtic who will play on Sunday. Can Rangers revive past glories and win the Scottish Premier League this season, we shall wait and see.

Friday, January 25, 2008

FA Cup 25/1/2008 - Match Highlights

Here are some match highlights of the FA Cup on 25/1/2008 between Southend United and Barnsley. It was the only FA Cup game to be played on Friday night and featured a battling Barnsley who secured a great result away at Southend United and progress to the next round of the FA Cup.

FA Cup 26/1/2008 - Liverpool vs Havant & Waterlooville

In this momentous FA Cup live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match betwee English Premier League giant Liverpool and non-leaguers Havant & Waterlooville, the media would have you believe that Liverpool are on the ropes and they might be in for a shock against the little Havant team. If you are able to get past the media nonsense, you would know that Liverpool would win this comfortably, and even if they do not perform, a win is a shoo in and it would be at least by two or three goals. It might not much given that they are an English Premier League team and playing against a bunch of part timers tonight, but they will do it with their eyes closed be sure about that. There is frankly no challenge tonight and it only serves as a distraction for the Liverpool faithful and team and manager Rafa Benitez.

In fact, this live commentary and TV telecast game continues to present to the world how much Liverpool's American owners have undermined Benitez and the team. They have admitted as much that the only reason they have bought Liverpool is to suck money out of the club for their American sports teams. If that is so, I hope another consortium who are truly devoted to Liverpool would step in and buy over the club. It is becoming scaryingly close that Liverpool might be going the way of Leeds. If the team fails to qualify for the Champions League each season, they will not have money to finance their debts, and they wouldn't have money to buy players, and that means one thing - going straight down, no matter how good a manager they have in Benitez. In fact, I would not be surprised if Benitez leaves the club after this season, and basically hands in his resignation. Nobody would blame him for that, and if that happens, you can basically say goodbye to Liverpool in the English Premier League. Do you know how much money is being paid to baseball players in the United States? If Hicks is determined to take money away from Liverpool to finance those baseball players, you can only expect to see part timers playing for Liverpool in the future.

That said, tonight's live commentary and radio broadcast FA Cup match between Liverpool and Havant & Waterlooville will see further protests against the American owners by Liverpool fans. Unfortunately for them, the club has announced refinancing deals which means the Yanks will still be around to continue destroying the club. It is unlikely they will leave anytime soon, until at least they realised what bad business they have done and dragged Liverpool into. For the Liverpool fans, I hope tonight's live commentary and radio broadcast FA Cup match against Havant & Waterlooville will bring some much needed temporary relief against a backdrop of continuing trouble for the once great soccer club.

FA Cup 26/1/2008 - Derby vs Preston

In this FA Cup live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match between English Premier League side Derby and Championship challenger Preston North End, it looks to be a straightforward walk in the park for Paul Jewell's man, and could provide a home of solace from their English Premier League relegation worries. Preston North End has struggled this season in the Championship after years of challenging for promotion and the playoffs. It looks like they could be on their way down to the English First Division at the rate they have been going as they are third from bottom and with ex-Liverpool striker Neil Mellor (remember him? The one who scored a scorcher against Arsenal for a last minute win at Anfield a few seasons back) plowing upfront they do not really have much chance to be honest. Mellor looked out of his depth in the English Premier League and frankly, is only a really average striker. They would not score many goals with him in the frontline.

Derby has slowly been adding to their ranks with Paul Jewell's arrival. For this FA Cup live commentary and TV telecast game against Preston, they will have Robbie Savage, Hossam Ghaly, Laurent Robert and Emanuel Villa in the team after they missed out in the previous round. Those will be good additions especially with Robbie Savage in the team they have a better midfielder who can tackle and carry the team, something which Derby needs desperately after basically getting overrun by all the other English Premier League teams. Despite a whole host of injuries they have had to contend with, Derby should be able to do well in this live commentary and radio broadcast FA Cup soccer match and leave with a resounding win over Preston.

FA Cup 26/1/2008 - Wigan vs Chelsea

Now get ready for a Chelsea letdown in this FA Cup live commentary and radio broadcast game between English Premier League sides Wigan and Chelsea. After an impressive and comprehensive win over Everton away in the Carling Cup semi final in midweek, Chelsea are odds on favourites to walk away from this game comfortable winners again, facing a Wigan team that while is a battling side, cannot be said to have enough quality to over a Chelsea that seems to be slowly getting back on form. However, this could be the letdown match of Chelsea's season, as they are playing away at Wigan's stadium the JJB and they could still be celebrating their getting to the Carling Cup final.

Wigan on the other hand has nothing to lose and will surely go all out in this live commentary and TV telecast game against one of the top English Premier League sides. Steve Bruce Wigan manager has said that he will field his best team and it appears that giant striker Emile Heskey might recover from injury in time to do battle against a Chelsea team. They also have their new acquisitions Erik Edman and Maynor Figueroa available for this game but it remains to be seen if Steve Bruce would be willing to throw them into the fray. It is possible since the FA Cup is not a priority for Wigan, and they can afford the two players to get a feel of the English game before truly important games in the English Premier League are up next.

That said, while it is difficult to see anything beyond a Chelsea victory in this live commentary and radio broadcast FA Cup game against Wigan given their recent form, Chelsea are due for a letdown and honestly, it would be better to come in this game instead of against Arsenal or Manchester United. If they lose this game and string together another impressive run after this including wins over Manchester United and Arsenal, they might actually be surprise top contenders for the English Premier League title. The odds for a Wigan draw or win are attractive, and that is the result we expect in this FA Cup live commentary and radio broadcast game between Wigan and Chelsea.

FA Cup 26/1/2008 - Portsmouth vs Plymouth

Remember Paul Sturrock? The affable and loser manager will once again grace the Premier League stage, but in the FA Cup and at Portsmouth as he brings his team Plymouth Argyle to Fratton Park to try to score an upset win in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match. Unfortunately for him, Portsmouth finally broke its home scoreless duck last week when they put three past Derby but it was all from one man so you know that the other Portsmouth players are still goal shy. However, Harry Redknapp looks to be playing his best players tonight int his game, including that of Sol Campbell and Sean Davis and possibly Milan Baros who will be joining them on loan from Lyon after failing to make any impact this season.

Plymouth Argyle on the other hand will not be able to field their two new strikers in this live commentary and TV telecast FA Cup match due to them being cup tied. It should not matter too much seeing as how they have not gelled anyway and the team struggled to a 1-1 draw with Southampton in their last game. It could be just that Portsmouth will ride on their home support and breeze past this lower division team which is a far cry from their better days when Peter Shilton was still their goalkeeper. In fact, I see Portsmouth coasting to an easy 2 or 3 goal victory in this FA Cup live commentary and radio broadcast game at Fratton Park.

FA Cup 26/1/2008 - Arsenal vs Newcastle

This pulsating live commentary and play by play soccer match in the FA Cup today between two English Premier League clubs Arsenal and Newcastle will be a monumental battle as both teams seek to climb out of disappointment and despair they had dug themselves into. Arsenal look to put their Carling Cup semi final disappointing loss and thrashing to North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur by overwhelming Newcastle and go into the next round of the FA Cup. They also try to put behind scenes of dissention between their own players in particular Adebayour, Bendtner and Gallas by showing a united front and winning the game. The truth is, while Adebayour can be quite an arrogant individual seeing as how he thinks he has replaced Thierry Henry, Bendtner looks like a crazed skinhead himself. The young Danish striker is also said to have an attitude problem and if he thinks he has already made it in soccer, then Arsene Wenger will have no hesitation in getting rid of him, since he obviously prefers African players for their athleticism.

Newcastle themselves hope to ride on their new messiah Kevin Keegan's momentum and achieve what could be a shocker of a result by beating Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in this live commentary and radio broadcast and TV telecast FA Cup match. It will be a shock because Newcastle are no longer a force in football at the moment and can be categorised as also-rans. Unless Keegan can steady the ship, stop the injuries, and get some decent footballers in, they will continue to be so with or without Keegan's flowing football. Any team that has Nicky Butt and Alan Smith together in a midfield smacks of destructive football and that would normally help to get some results except for the fact that one has faded after initial promises after leaving Manchester United, while the other is nothing but a hooligan who often plays without any brains.

Due to the fact that Kevin Keegan has not gotten any new reinforcements for this live FA Cup commentary game, and that they still struggled in their previous league game last week at home against of all teams Bolton Wanderers, it would be difficult for Newcastle to get any result from this game. The likely outcome is that Arsenal will hardly move out of second gear and score a convincing two or three goal victory. Unless Keegan can inspire his team sufficiently well enough and perhaps get a draw to bring it back home, otherwise they are in danger of getting buried by a young Arsenal team looking to recover from their mid week trauma. Still, you never know if Arsene Wenger will field his best team, so it might be that this FA Cup live commentary and radio broadcast game might give us an upset result as well.

FA Cup 26/1/2008 - Mansfield vs Middlesbrough

The FA Cup fairytale could continue in this exciting live commentary and play by play soccer match between lower division Mansfield and English Premier League club Middlesbrough. Although Middlesbrough has traditionally done well in cup competitions, but due to their fluctuating league form, they are always susceptible to losing to a team which is equal to their strength, or lower. This is the main problem Boro has to fix before they can dream of doing well in the English Premier League and not having to stave off relegation worries every season. Gareth Southgate the Boro manager appears to be slowly getting a grip of things after securing the typical good results against the top English Premier League teams and then subsequently decent results against the mid table teams as well.

Their star players Stewart Downing and Jonathan Woodgate are also now transfer targets of the top English Premier League teams but they might still feature in this live radio broadcast and TV telecast of this FA Cup fourth round clash between Mansfield and Middlesbrough. Woodgate in particular is carrying a shin injury again so it is touch and go for the defender, who has again shown his mercenary side by wanting to leave for Newcastle after Middlesbrough have done so much to help him rehabilitate through his injury ridden years and lost potential. A word of caution for Newcastle seeing how their club is injury jinxed, they might not want to spend any more money on a defender like Woodgate who gets injured if you just so much as touch him. Then again Newcastle is known for making boo boos so this might not be too big a deal for them by spending or wasting more money on Woodgate.

This live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match will feature Mansfield trying to achieve a FA Cup shock and they just might be able to do so, as they play at home and will have a vociferous home crowd behind them. If Gareth Southgate chooses to field a weakened team due to priorities or injuries and suspensions, then it is likely that they will fall to a Mansfield team all pumped up and looking to put one over their English Premier League opponents and enter the history books as one of the Goliath killing Davids. However, Mansfield have their own problems and are missing two regular defenders themselves so that will leave spaces open for Boro forwards to exploit, but only if they can do so and score off the chances that surely will come. We expect many goals for this live commentary and TV telecast FA Cup game between Mansfield and Middlesbrough.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

African Nations Cup - South Africa vs Angola Match Highlights

South Africa could only get a 1-1 draw result against Angola in the African Nations Cup and that must be a blow to their hopes of advancing or doing well in the tournament. South Africa has some highly rated players, but it seems that in recent years they have fallen off the pace somewhat. Here are some match highlights from the game in which South Africa struggled to break down a resilient Angola team.

Carling Cup 23/1/2008 - Everton vs Chelsea Match Highlights

Here are some picture highlights of the soccer match between Everton and Chelsea in the Carling Cup semi final at Goodison Park, where Everton were comprehensively outplayed by Chelsea and while they had their chances, could not penetrate the Chelsea defence well enough to force a result. In the end, Chelsea scored a quick goal from Joe Cole off a lightning counter attack and the result was never in doubt after that.

Carling Cup 23/1/2008 - Everton vs Chelsea

This is the second Carling Cup live commentary and play by play telecast and soccer match of the semi final between the two English Premier League clubs Everton and Chelsea. The first leg between these two clubs saw an exciting match that see sawed from end to end and in a dramatic finale and end to the match, saw Lescott the Everton defender put through his own net with a comical own goal which he did not even seem to know he had scored. The ball basically fell onto his head while he was challenged in the air by pint sized Chelsea winger Shaun Wright Phillips and then bounced into goal past the despairing dive of the Everton keeper. Chelsea on the other hand fought hard for the result and while they were not at their best, which they haven't been for months, they still scraped a result against a battling Everton side. Wright Phillips in particular played a great game but he will be missing for Chelsea in tonight's game, along with their usual missing players through injury or international duty such as Frank Lampard, John Terry and Didier Drogba.

That said, Chelsea should still have enough quality to pose a challenge to Everton, and maintain their stature as one of the top three English Premier League clubs, in this live telecast and radio broadcast Carling Cup semi final second leg. Their recent striking acquisition Nicolas Anelka will be available, not being cup-tied, and Anelka has gelled quite well into the team. Up front he will continue to partner Pizarro, who hopes to continue his fine form from the last match and to score more than the 2 goals he has totalled so far this season. However, it is not a guarantee that Chelsea manager Avram Grant will play Pizarro in this Carling Cup semi final live commentary and telecast match, as Chelsea are playing away and might have to put on a defensive front to weather Everton's hard tackling and pressing style before trying to strike on the counter attack. If that is the case, Pizarro would most probably find himself on the bench as Anelka would provide the better option in such a strategy.

That said, Everton will be playing at home and they will come out with all guns blazing as they try to impose themselves on Chelsea and make their first cup final in donkey years with this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match. They have their key playmaker Arteta back from suspension, and with Australian midfielder Tim Cahill's continued good form, plus the other formidable terriers in midfield Leon Osman and Lee Carsley, Everton are a powerful side and they can break down just about any opponent or shut them out. Their defence is also hard to break down and might not be tested too much against a Chelsea side shorn of their regular attacking threat and with German Ballack still not in top form although he has started to show glimpses of his leadership qualities and vision and has scored a few fine goals in previous live commentary soccer matches involving Chelsea. This Carling Cup semi final tonight looks to be a tight game overall and it might feature few goals and even less goalmouth action although you can rest assured Everton will press hard and try to knock Chelsea out and create an upset like what Spurs did the previous night in the other live commentary and radio broadcast semi final soccer match.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Carling Cup 22/1/2008 - Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal

And so these two arch rivals meet again the fourth time in 2 seasons in this Carling Cup competition and also at the same time, all in a live commentary and play by play soccer match between North London derby rivals Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal. The first meeting in this year's Carling Cup was the first leg of this semi final at the Emirates Stadium about two weeks ago, when plucky Spurs did well to lead for most of the game before Arsenal's Theo Walcott snatched a fortuitous equaliser near the end of the game, a goal which bounced off him unknowingly into the net and which frustrated both Spurs manager Juande Ramos and the whole team. Credit to Spurs, they played well enough to have won but instead had to settle for the draw which might help in this return leg at their own ground of White Hart Lane. But what was even more important was that it was the first time in many meetings between the two sides that Spurs was not comprehensively played off the park. Berbatov led the line well, while the defence stood their ground before a stroke of good fortune enabled the Gunners to get away with a result.

Arsenal on the other hand were in the throes of a below average run when they met Spurs in the first leg. Since then, they have slowly climbed out of a rut, strangely also at a time when they have been beset by injury problems and key players missing due to international commitment in the African Nations Cup. Over the weekend, they practically played Fulham off their own ground at Craven Cottage, and was unfortunate not to have scored more than the three goals. This was after manager Arsene Wenger had been furious the week before and berated his team for getting complacent and too big for their boots. The young Gunners team then got down to business and ate humble pie and got their reward when they seemed to play again with flair and determination. They will need more of the same in this crucial live commentary and radio broadcast Carling Cup semi final against their hated North London rival Tottenham Hotspur, as Spurs stand between them and a return date for the Carling Cup finals, which the Gunners reached last season but lost to Chelsea at the last hurdle.

It is foreseen that this Carling Cup semi final second leg soccer match will see a hotly contested and full blooded clash between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, and with the live commentary and TV telecast of this first major soccer match of the English soccer calendar, there should be goals aplenty forthcoming. It would be a delightful treat for soccer fans all over the world if it ends up a repeat of last season's meeting at the same stage, when Arsenal came from two goals down to draw 2-2 with Spurs and went through to the final at their expense. With both teams seeming to peak at the right time, you never know what might happen. Will Spurs achieve their first derby win for god knows how many matches, or will the young Arsenal team again have the hoodoo over Spurs and ride to further glory on their coattails, which would break many Spurs fans' hearts that's for sure.

Monday, January 21, 2008

EPL - Sunderland Sustains Further Blow To Premiership Hopes

In yet another blow to their hopes of staying in the English Premier League, Sunderland will lose their key midfielder Kieran Richardson for 3 weeks after the ex-Manchester United man pulled his hamstring. This coming after Richardson was regaining his form (decent enough for Sunderland I must add) and scoring a few crucial goals for them which would have lifted the team's spirits in a seemingly lost battle against relegation. Well, with this injury, Sunderland have another goal supply line cut off for a while and manager Roy Keane appears to be fighting a losing battle.

African Nations Cup Pictures - Ghana vs Guinea 2

Here's one more photo from the African Nations Cup soccer match between Ghana and Guinea. It is always great to see soccer players in full flight and fighting hard for the ball, and you definitely get a high level of commitment from African teams as they are known to be battlers and never give up, unless you are playing for the Namibian soccer team who lost 5-1 to Morocco. Well, it could be that they were outclassed.

African Nations Cup Pictures - Ghana vs Guinea

Here's a lovely picture of the African Nations Cup soccer action during the opening match between Ghana and Guinea. Media coverage of this event is momentous but there are not many live pictures or sounds from it, so this great photo should satisfy some soccer fans, particularly those interested to know more about what's going on at the African Nations Cup held this month.

EPL 21/1/2008 - Liverpool vs Aston Villa

As this live commentary and play by play soccer game between two English Premier League teams Liverpool and Aston Villa prepare to get underway tonight, the pre-match talk continues to revolve around the boardroom struggle and takeover bids at Liverpool. The American owner Hicks is the real source of the problem with his outspoken ways and believing he can implement his American management methods on a traditional British football club whose fans will not have anything to do with him. In fact, it would be wise of Hicks and Gillett to sell their share of the club now and leave while they can still walk out of Anfield without any verbal and mental abuse from Liverpool fans. They do not know the Liverpool way and should not continue to hurt the club when they do not have the money nor resource to bring the club to the next level and cannot support manager Rafael Benitez with more quality buys like Fernando Torres. This game tonight though is important for Liverpool as they must definitely win to keep pace with the top three and get away from the chasing pack of Aston Villa and Everton who threaten to snatch the Champions League place away from Liverpool.

Aston Villa will not lie down and allow Liverpool to walk all over them in this live commentary and radio broadcast soccer match, as they are determined to get into Europe and possibly the Champions League for the first time. Their powerful striker Jon Carew has had a new lease of life at Villa Park and is showing all the skills and goal instinct that made him a household name for soccer fans in the past, and Aston Villa is reaping the rewards. Liverpool on the other hand has their new poster boy of Fernando Torres but he cannot do everything himself and desperately needs Benitez to get his tactics right in the English Premier League and for his other teammates to wake up and play properly to bring Liverpool to new and future glories.

The action in this live commentary and TV telecast soccer match of the two English Premier League teams Liverpool and Aston Villa promises to be non-stop and the drama continues to unfold over the fate of Liverpool and whether they will go bust, become another chapter in history or be revived and relive their glory days of the past, that is only likely to happen if the American owners sell the club and leave, and allow the Dubai group who claim to be real Liverpool fans, to manage and bring Liverpool onwards.

African Nations Cup 21/1/2008 - Mali vs Benin

Most people are not familiar with the two teams involved in this live commentary and play by play African Nations Cup soccer match between Mali and Benin. However, due to their recent upset wins over other powerhouses, Mali has been identified as a possible table topper in their group and look to give other African nations a run for their money. In this game, they are the clear favourites over Benin whom most soccer fans might not even know where to find them on a world map. But Benin have done well in recent times and while not many expect much from them, they will do a fine job of crediting themselves on the world soccer stage. In fact, there has been some fans who believe that Mali will not have it easy in this live commentary and radio broadcast game, and they might just only squeak through, or in fact be beaten by Benin. The booksmakers certainly feel the same way but the majority still think Mali should overcome Benin eventually and walk away with the points.

Most fans are not aware as well of any players of note from the Mali and Benin national soccer teams and none of them play in any prominent team in the European football leagues. However, that does not mean you will not see quality football talent and action in this live commentary and TV telecast African Nations Cup game between Mali and Benin. In fact, many European soccer scouts will be present at this game to look for the next Nwanko Kanu or Didier Drogba or Michael Essien as African players are now highly coveted for their powerful athleticism and exotic soccer skills. So everyone is sitting back and waiting eagerly for the soccer action that awaits us in this African Nations Cup game and you can expect to see many goals and goalmouth action tonight.

African Nations Cup 21/1/2008 - Nigeria vs Ivory Coast

This African Nations Cup soccer match has been touted the live commentary and play by play final before the finals between two African football giants Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Both Nigeria and Ivory Coast have always been favourites in the African continent but this time both have been drawn together in the football tournament's Group of Death. Nigeria and Ivory Coast would dread to lose this game as Mali sits just behind them waiting to pounce on any opportunity of a slipup by the two soccer giants to replace them in the next round of the African Nations Cup. Nigeria has over the years produced many talented soccer superstars such as Nwanko Kanu and Jay Jay Okacha but in recent years you would struggle to see any player of note although they still are one of the most skilful and talented teams to behold on the world football stage. However, Nigeria is also known as a team to self-destruct, much like the England of Africa. They are a favourite with many soccer fans but they often choose to crumble due to their own carelessness at important stages of each tournament.

Ivory Coast has in recent years rose to prominence thanks to their powerful soccer stars such as Chelsea's Didier Drogba who should not be staying too long at the London English Premier League club anymore as he continues to tell the media that he wishes to leave and perhaps his next destination might be Spain's Barcelona. That however is not an important issue right now in this live commentary and radio broadcast African Nations Cup final before the final game between them Ivory Coast and Nigeria. In fact, all eyes will be on Ivory Coast to see if they can rise to become Africa's kingpin again with their power packed team, which true to their name which includes a powerful item ivory, they might gore Nigeria to death in this game and win the Group of Death. We shall see what happens but this live tv telecast and commentary soccer match promises to be a spectacular and all action African Nations Cup football match that should not be missed by any soccer fan.

African Nations Cup 21/1/2008 - Namibia vs Morocco

This soccer match which features a live commentary and radio broadcast promises to be a walkover for African Nation Morocco over another team Namibia, as Morocco is a perennial African soccer and football powerhouse while Namibia does not have any player that is well-known outside of Namibia. In fact, the odds would suggest that the result is a foregone conclusion and that Morocco will be putting on a soccer clinic for the world to watch in this live tv telecast and broadcast of this African Nations Cup football match. However, Morocco has been known to be a defensive soccer team so be prepared to watch a dull match if they just prefer to score a goal or two and then sit back and defend and secure the result. That might not be a smart tactic if their group is a weak one but Morocco is quite confident of advancing to the next round of the tournamant as they have been doing for previous editions of the African Nations Cup.

However, I get the feeling that Namibia will not sit down and surrender for this live commentary and tv telecast game would be seen by millions of their fans and they will be playing for their nation's pride and hoping to put on a good show for their soccer fans. Morocco would be doing a wrong thing to discount Namibia and take them too lightly for everyone knows that in football, the ball is round and an upset can be easily scored if the underdog plays beyond their potential on the day and overcomes the Goliath favourite, such as in this live radio soccer broadcast African Nations Cup match between Namibia and Morocco. It would be Morocco's folly to not play seriously and try to score early and a few goals in the game to kill off Namibia's hopes and spirit so that a smoother path to the next round of the tournament will be created.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

EPL 20/1/2008 - Manchester City vs West Ham United

Now this live commentary and play by play soccer match between the two English Premier League (EPL) teams Manchester City at home and West Ham United away should be an extremely exciting one, if only for the fact that Manchester City is playing in front of their own fans and under Sven they are a flair attacking team with players like Elano and the Bulgarian winger who is fast, skilful and swings in a really fine cross for his strikers. Unfortunately their recent signing Nery Castillo is out after playing just a game although it is only a fractured shoulder bone so nothing too serious and should be back soon. Still, it shorns Manchester City of another striker and unless they can get one who can score regularly, otherwise they have to continue relying on their midfielders to put a few into the net.

West Ham United lost to the same opponent in midweek in the FA Cup and should be looking to avenge that defeat tonight but honestly I doubt they have any chance. They are similar to Middlesbrough in that they raise their game against the bigger teams but are just OK against the others. Still they have won a few more games than Boro so are considerably safe and I expect quite a number of goals in this live commentary and radio broadcast English Premier League game. Under Alan Curbishley they have become your everyday average mid table team and that should be sufficient not to mention the best you would ever get from any team under Curbishley. Safe but not great.

It should thus be another home win for Manchester City as they throttle West Ham United in this live commentary and tv telecast English Premier League soccer match. They have continued to do well at home and it is because of this that they should be safe from relegation and are even challenging for a Champions League place but honestly I doubt they have any chance of that and should be sufficiently satisfied with a season of consolidation under Sven. Perhaps next season you might see more of them if Sven continues to pull off a few surprises in the transfer market.

Italian Serie A 20/1/2008 - Juventus vs Sampdoria

This Italian Serie A game to bring you live commentary and play by play match will definitely bring back memories of back in the days when Sampdoria was one of the leading lights in the Italian league with Gianluca Vialli and Roberto Mancini and tonight they face Juventus at the Delle Api Stadium hoping to cause an upset by bringing Juventus to their knees. Unfortunately, Juventus has adapted to life back in the Italian Serie A after winning promotion from last season when they spent a year in the Italian Serie B due to corruption charges. They are also playing quite attacking flowing football and under the Tinkerman, will have their evergreen attacking force of Nedved, Del Piero and David Trezeguet. You can look forward to scores of goals and attacking football to be featured in this game.

Of course, Sampdoria are no longer the attractive team they used to be, and they have virtually no star players now. I cannot even name you any Sampdoria player of note, partly also due to the fact that Italian Serie A does not get much coverage nowadays. It is surprisingly even for a live commentary and radio broadcast of this Italian Serie A game but because it is Juventus and Sampdoria it can bring back memories of when these two teams fought a bitter game and saw much action and controversy. In fact Gianluca Vialli was to be transferred to Juventus in later years and has since become a legend of the Zebras.

Italian Serie A 20/1/2008 - AS Roma vs Catania

In this special live commentary and play by play broadcast between the Italian giants AS Roma and Catania, we expect to see another quick and easy result for AS Roma in the Italian Serie A as they remain the closest and most probable challenger to Italian Champions Inter Milan. With Francesco Totti still playing beautiful and shrewd soccer and Roma's best player by a mile for many seasons now, AS Roma should be looking forward to another straightforward result tonight against Catania and to bang in a few more goals for a victory.

However, we cannot take things for granted and Catania is more than capable of causing an upset in this live radio broadcast and tv commentary of this Italian Serie A game against AS Roma. But the key point tonight is that AS Roma are playing at home in Rome, and most teams struggle to score a goal, much less get any point in this ground. Of course, in recent seasons Italian soccer is no longer the defensive and boring game in the league like many years ago, and Roma would probably concede a goal as they surge forward in waves to score, while leaving holes at the back for Catania to capitalise on. However, Catania is not Manchester United, so expect AS Roma to canter to another memorable home victory.

EPL 20/1/2008 - Wigan vs Everton

Get ready for this action packed live commentary and play by play match between the two English Premier League soccer teams Wigan and Everton. Wigan continues to try to get points on the board to stave off relegation worries while Everton seeks to build another new run to knock Liverpool off the fourth Champions League spot and in the process gain that place for next season's competition for themselves. Wigan has evolved from their Paul Jewell days when they played some decent football, but now under new manager Steve Bruce they will slowly morph into another image of Bruce's Birmingham - all defensive and smothering and boring. But you cannot blame the man nor the club as their main priority each season has always been to survive the rigours of the English Premier League and not to be relegated. While there is some meaning to the phrase you are what you aim for, they cannot possibly aim for much more due to their finances. But surely there must be some progress in terms of financial stability from their time in the English Premier League, they should invest some of that in better players, and hopefully Steve Bruce does not waste it on duds.

Everton on the other hand has proven to be a stable and at times progressive club under the stewardship of Scottish boss David Moyes. Moyes could in fact replace Alex Ferguson at Manchester United but for the fact that he has never played for Manchester United and so will never know what it means to lead the club to honours (even though Ferguson himself was in the same position). But Moyes takes no prisoners and suffers no rubbish from players, and he has proven astute in most parts with transfers and the club has continued to improve from last season. However, tonight in this live commentary and radio broadcast and live tv telecast EPL game, Everton is missing their recent striking acquisition Yakubu who has quickly endeared himself to the Evertonians by scoring a few crucial goals. Yobo is also missing in defence. While Andy Johnson could be back for them upfront, he is no Yakubu and in fact has been a striking dud, although he has worked hard upfront and that is a quality that Moyes treasures in his players.

That said, this looks like heading for a draw for both teams in this live commentary and radio broadcast and telecast game between Everton and Wigan. You know Wigan will fight hard under Steve Bruce and in their own stadium, but Everton has proven to be more than capable in holding their own and I expect Tim Cahill to make another fine contribution to their cause and tonight's result. Perhaps Cahill to score another goal and for a 2-2 draw at the final whistle.

African Nations Cup 20/1/2008 - Ghana vs Guinea

This live commentary and play by play match of the African Nations Cup soccer game between Ghana and Guinea has been highly anticipated by the soccer and football world for a few weeks now as the tournament builds to its climax starting today 20 January. In the buildup to this match, a lot of clubs with African players in their team have been complaining about the timing of the African Nations Cup as it would mean not having their African players at a crucial time in the European soccer calendar. However, Africa is adamant that there should be no changes to the timing as it would be the best time of the year to hold a soccer tournament in Africa, when the rains are not present and weather is great for spectators and football and soccer fans to go to the stadium and support their teams and watch the games.

Now Ghana the home team will kick off this live commentary and radio broadcast of the opening match of the African Nations Cup against Guinea who have done well to reach this stage of the competition. However, they are facing a team with the likes of Chelsea's Michael Essien, so Ghana would be an extremely formidable soccer team who would be expected to go far in the competition and perhaps win it as well seeing how they are the home team. But Guinea will not go down without a fight, as most African teams are known to be powerful athletes and play with a never say die attitude. Ghana will have its hands full having to deal with Guinea but they play in front of their adoring home fans who will roar them on and hope to see an impressive and joyful victory over their opening opponents.

Ghana should not have too many problems dealing with Guinea and this live commentary and live telecast and radio broadcast of the opening match of the African Nations Cup should see some exciting play and perhaps more than a couple of goals. The heat should not be a factor either as after all both teams are African teams and they can more than deal with the heat. It is believed that Ghana should canter to at least a two goal victory but I expect Guinea to provide some sort of stiff resistance and maybe just maybe capable of causing an upset but the furthest it would probably go is a draw. Ghana is playing at home and their fans are vociferous, it should boost their morale and the tempo of this live commentary game should be high enough to overwhelm the visiting team of Guinea.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

EPl 19/1/2008 - Newcastle vs Bolton

This must be the live commentary and play by play live radio broadcast and tv telecast that everyone is waiting for tonight in the English Premier League (EPL) between Newcastle and Bolton. It is the second coming of the Newcastle messiah Kevin Keegan after having been appointed the new Newcastle manager and all fans on Tyneside and waiting in anticipation and bated breath for the return of beautiful football as how it is supposed to be played - fantasy attacking soccer with the intention to score more goals than the opposition to win instead of scoring one and defending like your life depends on it which is not what Newcastle fans want to watch after paying their hard earned money after a long week at work. They want to be entertained and so do we football fans and Kevin Keegan is the man for the job. Even though he has shown time and again his naivety in modern football but the man knows what the fans want and that is beautiful attacking football with lots of goals and drama.

Bolton will be at the end of the stick and in this live commentary and radio broadcast they will have no chance against the Mighty Mouse Kevin Keegan. Even though Newcastle misses multiple key players out through suspension and international duty from the African Nations Cup but I believe Keegan has the motivational prowess and skill to galvanise his squad and he might have pulled a masterstroke by naming Michael Owen as captain. You never know if it might work but who knows anyway it might be the move that actually finally revives the little man's flagging career and injury problems. Let us hope and pray that we see Owen inspired and play to his potential again by leading Newcastle to a resounding win over Bolton.

I have nothing much to say about Bolton they are a hardworking team and hard to beat but Gary Megson is a manager and man that most fans hate because you know he is only out for money. He left his previous club after only a very very short time there because Bolton offered him more money. You can bet Bolton will do their best to spoil the party tonight but I hope not and that Newcastle fans will come out in numbers and roar their team to victory. In fact, I do hope Bolton goes down only because you hate to play against a spoiling team like them and you will see that in full view again during the live commentary and live telecast game tonight between Newcastle and Bolton.