Sunday, June 8, 2008

9/6/2008 Euro 2008 Live Netherlands vs Italy

The second game of the day in the Group of Death is this live online and radio commentary Euro 2008 group match between the Netherlands and Italy live as perhaps the match of the first round of group games with these two teams amongst the best in the world. It is a rarity for such a big match like this live online streaming match so early in the competition and fans will be lapping it up after some very lacklustre games so far in the past two days since the tournament started. The attack oriented Netherlands were very confident that they would be able to win the competition earlier on, but after some injuries to players like Arjen Robben, they are not so sure right now. Those injuries have been a huge blow to the team and they are now hesitant about their results for this live soccer commentary match between the Netherlands and Italy as they do not want to jinx themselves or make themselves look like a team that is full of hot air.

The Italians are now the more confident of the two teams heading into this live commentary and online Euro 2008 match between the Netherlands and Italy live as even though they have also met with some unfortunate injuries to key players, they have not proclaimed themselves to be the best just yet, but are still quite sure of themselves to be able to perform at peak levels that might help them win the trophy. They will also know that their rivals today are starting to feel nervous and unsure of themselves, so they might have an edge going into the game which they can take advantage of. Their long serving striker Del Piero is also itching to start this live commentary and live streaming radio telecast match between the Netherlands and Italy and has said that even if he were not selected to start, he would do his utmost to help the team in any way he can, as he tries to erase past disappointments. With players eager to play well and start, the Italians look to be one of the best prepared mentally in this live commentary and live streaming TV broadcast match between the Netherlands and Italy and they might once again be one of the teams to reach the finals at the end of a month long competition, something which might once again surprise many in the football world.

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