Friday, June 6, 2008

7/6/2008 World Cup 2010 Live Iraq vs Australia

It is very very close now but this live online and radio commentary World Cup qualifier between Iraq vs Australia live should offer the first team to get through to the next round of the Asian region with Australia needing just one more point to secure their advancement to that hardest of all rounds. The Australians have as usual, depended on their hard graft to do so well in the qualifiers and in this live online streaming match they will use the same formula which has served them so well. On top of that they have shown dashes of brilliance and fantastic team play which can sometimes be hard to imagine from the more physically inclined Australians but it has raised their profile even higher on the world stage. It is not known if the Australian fans will travel for this live soccer commentary World Cup qualifier between Iraq and Australia but there is no doubting their fan support and certainly they will be praying for their team to once again play well and carry the nation's hopes on their broad shoulders.

The current Asian champions have been nothing but a disappointment in this live commentary and online TV World Cup qualifier between Iraq and Australia as they have let themselves and their fans down with ineffective displays. Perhaps the pressure of being favourites for once have made them buckle under the stress and there have been times when they have showed flashes of brilliance and reminding us how they managed to become kings of the region. But they need to do that more consistently and certainly in this live commentary and live streaming radio telecast World Cup qualifier between Iraq and Australia or face instant elimination and acute embarrassment. It is common for reigning Asian champions to not be involved in the final round of qualifiers but perhaps the unfamiliarity of the occasion for the Iraqi players have resulted in uncharacteristic bad results. It would be last chance saloon for them in this live commentary and live streaming TV broadcast match between Iraq and Australia and there will definitely be neutrals who will be hoping they can extend the fairytale and maybe we might still be able to witness one of the greatest sporting achievements of all times and that would be Iraq playing in the World Cup finals.

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