Saturday, June 14, 2008

15/6/2008 World Cup 2010 Argentina vs Ecuador Live

The Argentinians hope to wipe out their embarrassing last friendly result with this live online and radio commentary World Cup 2010 qualifier between Argentina and Ecuador live with a resounding and powerful win to send a message to the rest of the footballing world. They want them to know that they are the best team in the world in this live online streaming match and that with the players they have, nothing can really stop them in their quest to become world champions again in two years' time. In truth, if their best players are available, there is no stopping the Argentinians as the silky skills are hard to defend against, as well as a definite hardness to their physical play. It is this perfect mix of skill and strength which has seen the South Americans dominating consistently and they will once again parade that ability in this live soccer commentary match between Argentina and Ecuador and hope to be at the top of the standings if Paraguay also fails to beat Brazil in the other match.

Not many will give the Ecuadorians much hope in this live commentary and online World Cup 2010 qualifier betwene Argentina and Ecuador live as they are near the bottom and have not shown any glimpses of an ability to compete with the best in the qualifiers so far. It was not so long ago that they were surprising many in the region but have fallen on hard times as quality players have dried up and replacements have been found wanting. There is no time for them to catch their breath in this live commentary and live streaming radio telecast match between Argentina and Ecuador as they have to try to prevent the number one ranked team in the world from running riot against them which could well be the case. It is not hard imagining the hosts scoring many goals in this live commentary and live streaming TV broadcast match between Argentina and Ecuador although the pride of the visitors could prevent them from doing so on their day and it would be interesting to see how the hosts recover from their previous goalless draw with the United States.

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