Saturday, June 14, 2008

15/6/2008 World Cup 2010 Belize vs Mexico Live

Will the upsets in African football have an influence in the results for this region in this live online and radio commentary World Cup 2010 qualifier between Belize and Mexico live as the smaller home team try to create one of the biggest shocks in world football by beating a buoyant Mexican national team? Not many will stake their life savings on that happening in this live online streaming match as the hosts are clearly not in the same league as their counterparts but that is the magic of football and sports as anything can happen over 90 minutes. If the hosts can somehow put pressure on their visitors and perhaps try to leverage on the fact that they might still be familiarising themselves with the ways of their new manager Sven Goran Eriksson, then the possibility of an upset of some sort could be realised. But their hands will be full trying to cope with their attacking style in this live soccer commentary match between Belize and Mexico as even a team like Peru failed to handle it about a week ago which the Mexican fans really enjoyed.

The Mexicans are buoyed by their last result which immediately erased the pain they felt when beaten by Argentina and now they will go into this live commentary and online World Cup 2010 qualifier between Belize and Mexico with confidence that they still have the ability to do well despite some managerial upheavals. They have a new manager to impress and to get used to but they are nothing but adaptable and if they keep to their natural attacking style then it should be quite another normal day at the office for them. The key for them in this live commentary and live streaming radio telecast match between Belize and Mexico will be whether they have the belief to stick to their attacking style as Eriksson has been known to be conservative in away games which should not be attempted in this match against decidedly weaker opposition. If they stick to their guns in this live commentary and live streaming TV broadcast match between Belize and Mexico then the result should not be too far away from most fans' expectations.

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Anonymous said...

hi a am proud to be a belizean and is more than happy with the results, i know we could have done better,even though the world look down on us, to our country the boys did great