Friday, June 20, 2008

21/6/2008 Euro 2008 Holland vs Russia Live

With the number of upsets in Euro 2008 so far, will we witness another one in this live online and radio commentary Euro 2008 quarterfinal between Holland and Russia live as one of the overwhelming favourites will have to cope with the tactical genius of the Russian manager. It could turn out to be a very cagey live online streaming match for the Dutch as while they claim to be one happy bunch, their traditional choker tag might come back to haunt them as there are a few of them in there like Van Persie and Arjen Robben. One also gets the feeling that Marco Van Basten has been lucky so far with his decisions during the matches as he keeps taking risks and how long can one do that without it coming to bite them back in their behinds? If he continues to do that such as in this live soccer commentary match between Holland and Russia and wins it, and then repeats it all the way to the final and lifts the trophy, then he can really be considered a really modern and revolutionary manager.

The Russians have become streetwise very fast and credit to them in this live commentary and online Euro 2008 quarterfinal between Holland and Russia live that they have managed to come this far and have actually improved match by match. Their coach Guus Hiddink said after their first game that they need to become streetwise fast in order to have any hope of staying further than the group stages in Euro 2008, and that is what they have managed to do so far. They might even have more than a little chance of winning this live commentary and live streaming radio telecast match between Holland and Russia if they can prey on the Dutch's legendary famed powers of choking in the more important games even though this edition of the Holland team seem really strong mentally. What the Russians need to really do in this live commentary and live streaming TV braodcast match against Holland would be to listen carefully to what their coach Hiddink has to say and to follow his instructions to the letter.

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