Saturday, June 7, 2008

8/6/2008 Mexico vs Peru Live

Will we see another packed stadium for this live online and radio commentary friendly match between Mexico and Peru live as we witnessed in the last game the home side had against the top ranked team in the world? It will be quite a scene to behold as thousands turn up for this live online streaming match against a weaker Peru team but with the appointment of the new Mexican national manager in Swede Sven Goran Eriksson, many fans might want to see what the man has to offer for their national team. Will he improve them or turn them into laughing stocks like what he encountered with England? These and many more questions might be answered in full or in part after this live soccer commentary friendly between Mexico and Peru as we see what kind of impression he will leave on both the fans as well as the team in general. There are many who would say Eriksson does not have much of a clue but time and again at club level he has surprised so now he has another chance on the international stage.

There will also be additional pressure on him and the team in this live commentary and online friendly between Mexico and Peru live as they face a South American side which their fans will expect to beat in their own backyard. Peru would not be considered one of the more established international sides but they have managed to get some impressive results in recent years despite limited resources and talent. There is very little pressure on them in this live commentary and live streaming radio telecast friendly between Mexico and Peru especially since they will play away from home and away from the comforts of their own ground and fans. If they can build on that factor and turn the pressure on their opponents in this live commentary and live streaming TV broadcast friendly between Mexico and Peru then it might end up as a terrible start to Eriksson's reign as manager and put pressure on him from the get go.

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