Friday, June 13, 2008

14/6/2008 World Cup 2010 Thailand vs Japan Live

Surprisingly, the Japanese are not yet assured of a place in the next round but with this live online and radio commentary World Cup 2010 qualifier between Thailand and Japan live it should be assured by the end of the game, as long as they do not play as poorly as they did last week away. They might be treated to the same kind of ploy in this live online streaming match against Thailand and that is to try to exploit their surprising lack of pace in the side. They might actually need to start defensively and snuff the life out of their hosts before hitting them on the break with methodical calculation. This would be a great tactic against their hosts in this live soccer commentary match between Thailand and Japan and would at the end of the day allow them some space to break open the other team's defence.

Japan also needs to exploit their star players more often in this live commentary and online World Cup 2010 qualifier between Thailand and Japan live as they have not delivered much throughout this group stage and it has been more of a united team effort so far getting them the results. There is nothing wrong with a team effort but sometimes you need that special spark from a star player to turn tight games such as in the last one against Oman when they would have done with some of that in a very tight game. If this live commentary and live streaming radio telecast match between Thailand and Japan turns out to be such a type of game, then having star players like Nakamura who can deliver more often on the big stage would be very helpful to their cause. Somehow they have to find a solution to their problems which has been a lack of delivery by big name European or locally based players and do it quickly in time for this crucial live commentary and live streaming TV broadcast match between Thailand and Japan so that they can enjoy the benefits and rewards from doing so.

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