Saturday, June 7, 2008

8/6/2008 Euro 2008 Austria vs Croatia Live

After an interesting start to Euro 2008, this live online and radio commentary Euro 2008 match between Austria and Croatia live will hopefully provide the same kind of atmosphere, excitement and drama created by the opening game between the other co-host and the Czech Republic. Of course, no one will hope that the same unlucky fate befalls Austria in this live online streaming match as it did on Switzerland when their star player suffered a tournament ending injury and the hopes of the nation seemed to have gone with him. It was a sombre moment in the game seeing the player leaving the pitch in tears knowing that his dream of representing his country at home in one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world had ended. Perhaps there could be more joy for Austria in this live soccer commentary Euro 2008 match between Austria and Croatia and while they might not be the other co-host, they can certainly do the two of them proud for at least being one country to enjoy success.

Slaven Bilic has dropped hints that his team could and should be considered one of the potential winners of the tournament as well as this live commentary and online TV Euro 2008 match between Austria and Croatia live after their stellar displays in qualifiers where they manhandled England and Russia to a certain extent. There is some concern from local media and fans that since the qualifiers ended, the team has not played to the same heady heights and have dropped a few clonkers on the way. It does not seem to have dampened their spirits for this live commentary and live streaming radio telecast Euro 2008 match between Austria and Croatia though as even the players are exuding cool self confidence and why should they not, with players full of creating havoc in opposing teams. They have also gotten the luck of the draw with a simple live commentary and live streaming TV broadcast match between Austria and Croatia to start with, and not to knock the hosts, but until they have shown some results on the pitch, there will be the feeling that Austria will be out of their depth in Euro 2008.

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