Monday, June 9, 2008

10/6/2008 Euro 2008 Spain vs Russia Live

The last group in Euro 2008 kicks off in this live online and radio commentary Euro 2008 group match between Spain and Russia live as Spain manager Aragones tries to lead his country to glory in his last competition in charge of the national team. After so many years without any silverware to show for it, this live online streaming match would represent the beginning of the end for the Spanish coach who is known for his eccentricity and at times brilliance as a soccer tactician. He has not been able to transfer much of that genius to this level of football management even though he has at his disposal some of the best players in Spanish football history. He has one last chance this time and it starts with this live soccer commentary match between Spain and Russia as to whether he has been a quack or a true soccer manager that can bring the best out of talent.

Guus Hiddink has had no such problems for this live commentary and online Euro 2008 match between Spain and Russia live as even though he is expected to do well with Russia due to his past successes with other teams, he does not have anything to really live up to in relation to the team's history. Russia has not done well in international tournaments in modern times and that had led them to appoint Hiddink to lead the team after his previous achievements with teams like South Korea and Australia. With his good mind and reading of the game, Hiddink will know full well who his best players will be for this live commentary and live streaming radio telecast match between Spain and Russia and would have told them to believe in themselves and trust in the glory of their nation. The players in turn will look to their club football which has been shining on the European stage this season, and try to pass that on to this live commentary and live streaming TV broadcast match between Spain and Russia so as to help their country do well in Euro 2008 and finally, see some achievements.

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